UNITE 20 Pro Webcam

ClearOne has introduced the new UNITE 20 Pro Webcam designed for the ultimate personal collaboration workspace. The UNITE 20 Pro camera is mounted on a PC or laptop to provide a full 1080p30 image with an extremely wide viewing angle up to 120 degrees. The high signal-to-noise ratio and the 2D and 3D noise reduction improve further the video quality of the camera.


  • Supports up to 1080p(30 FPS) Full HD
  • Full-featured USB 2.0 interface, power supply, 2-channel USB video
  • Easy installation on PC or laptop
  • 120° ultra wide-angle field-of-view
  • High SNR with advanced 2D and 3D noise reduction
  • Use with PC or laptop and web-conferencing software such as ClearOne’s COLLABORATE® Space, Mitel MiTeam Meetings, Microsoft Teams etc


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