Mitel MiTeem Meetings

The new collaboration tool by Mitel integrates video, chat and voice features into the MiCollab application suite.

Called MiTeam Meetings, the virtual meeting and workspace tool is built on AWS global cloud infrastructure and uses Mitel’s CloudLink architecture.

It's ideal if you are working on a project, especially if you have many people involved in the whole organization or even third partners. (They don't need to have your own Mitel MiCollab license to share this tool.)

Real-time teleconference for businesses and virtual work space for businesses and employees. Meetings are more productive when employees can transition between chat, voice and video seamlessly on a single cloud application. For your workers to be successful, they need to continuously collaborate as a team, by leveraging a workspace as if they are in the same room, where they can meet, share ideas face to face, capture notes, store files and return when they next meet as a group.


POWER CONNECTIONS:  Expand the group's interactions beyond the physical boundaries of your organization.

ONE APPLICATION INSTEAD OF TWO OR THREE: Unify disconnected communication channels with a single application to simplify collaboration.

VIDEO CONFERENCING: Improve collaboration and connectedness with your team generating greater attention from your attendees. Choose to view team members with a multi-pane group view or an active speaker view selected with a click of a button on your desktop.

SAVE TIME AND MONEY: Reduce the operational cost incurred from managing multiple communication tools.


  • MiCollab Cross Launch
  • Multi-Party Video Meeting
  • Schedule/Ad-hoc Meetings
  • Screenshare
  • Guest Lobby
  • Topic Based Chats
  • File share
  • Hybrid Calendar Scheduling
  • PSTN Dial-In
  • One-Click Mobile Dial-In
  • 16 video/100 total participants