Integrated 2N solutions

With the integrated solutions provided by K. Kyriacou Electronics Ltd for video door entry, access control and intercom, businesses and individuals can take advantage of multiple application options. Digital and Analog options let you talk from your phone, smartphone or tablet, VoIP technologies and SIP protocol as well as other applications based on different design needs.

2N products function as communication and control stations, allowing audio and visual communication as well as the control of the access of visitors to the entrance of a space. They are ideal for offices, business buildings and residences that have Ethernet IP infrastructure and allow for their integration and scalability.

Access Control
Answering Unit


2N Tools

2N Project Planner

A design tool for planning due to your needs.

2Ν Integrator Hub

Find out he compatibility of your 2N devices with other devices.

2N YouTube Channel

Visit also the 2N YouTube channel.

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